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To clean sensors:

  • Empty tanks
  • Fill holding tanks 1/2 full with fresh water
  • Double dose each tank with Classic Campers Tank Treatment
  • Feed down toilet 1 lb. bag of ice for every 15 gal. tank capacity (like a big slushy!)
  • Take off on at least a 50 mile trip. Sensors should be clean.
  • Empty if needed or wait and empty when full.

Cleaning gray water holding tanks when hooked to full hookups:

  • Empty gray holding tank and close tank Then mix a double dose of Classic Campers Tank Treatment and a gallon of water.
  • Drain mix into tank.
  • Finish filling with fresh water until you see it coming up into the shower drain.
  • Let it sit overnight.
  • Empty in the morning.
  • We tend to grow very smelly stuff on the tops of our tanks and this will clean it off.

Extreme Cleaner - Two ways to use Extreme Cleaner:

  1. The best way is to mix 1/2 (9oz.) in a 3-5 gallon bucket & pour that into one tank. Next, mix the other 1/2 in the bucket & pour into the other tank. Then, fill both tanks approximately 1/2 full of water & drive at least 30 miles on a curvy road. Finally, drain and rinse the tanks. Some people add 3 or 4 bags of crushed ice down the toilet just before you drive off for a scrubbing action.
  2. If your RV is sitting idle you should use the same amount of Extreme Cleaner as above, but you need to completely fill your tanks & allow them to sit overnight before you empty & rinse.

Please follow these directions as this product is very active & should be used with care. It will not harm system if used properly.